The Best Drain Cleaner To Use For Your Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel sink drainage

Stainless steel sink drainage

What do you do when your kitchen sink is clogged? You can try using a plunger to unclog it, or you can try to rinse the debris down with vinegar and baking soda. If those tactics don’t work, you may have to try something else.

Calling a plumber is always an option, but it’s inconvenient to search for a reputable plumber, make an appointment, and then wait around while someone looks under your sink. If you buy one of the best drain cleaners, you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

In this article, we review the best drain cleaners on the market to make it easier for you to find one.

Comparison Of The Best Drain Cleaner

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Best Drain Cleaner FAQ

1. What Is Drain Cleaner?

Drain cleaner is any product that is created to be poured down a drain, in order to clear a clog. Drain cleaners may be used to clear kitchen drains, bathtub drains, toilets, or other drains. In this article, we are specifically reviewing products that work well in kitchen drains.

2. Are Drain Cleaners Safe?

Tiled kitchen sink with flowing water

Image by Skitterphoto via Pexels

Different drain cleaners use different chemicals or natural materials, and some are safer than others. We recommend you read the directions and safety precautions on the bottle before using it. Keep drain cleaners and all household cleaning products out of reach of children and pets, including older children and teenagers.

3. What Are Drain Cleaners Made From?

Some drain cleaners are made from what is called a caustic base, which means they have electrons and hydroxide ions that work together to clear a clog. They also contain alkaline chemicals that release heat, which helps to dissolve grease.

An alternative to chemical drain cleaners is enzyme-based cleaners. These types of drain cleaners release enzymes, or “good bacteria,” into your drain. The enzymes then consume organic materials such as food particles and hair. They also reproduce in your drain, which means they keep working afterwards to consume additional materials and prevent future clogs.

A few of the best drain cleaners described here use proprietary formulas that work differently from most, but the companies haven’t yet told the world how they work.

4. Will Drain Cleaners Harm My Pipes?

Dirty kitchen drainage

Image by LV11 via Pixabay

Many modern drain cleaners have newer formulas that are designed to leave pipes unscathed. If you have older, metal pipes or pipes that are already worn out, you might want to consult a plumber before trying anything new.

5. How Can I Prevent Future Clogs In My Sink?

One simple way is to prevent food particles and other objects from going down your drain, especially if you don’t have a garbage disposal. You can do this by using a drain strainer. The drain strainer will allow liquids to go down the sink while blocking larger objects.

You then just remove the drain strainer and dump the contents into the garbage. You should also avoid pouring grease or oil down your sink.

How We Reviewed

The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters: How It Works, Price, and Where to Buy.

Overall Price Range

Sink drainage

Image by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Drain cleaners range in price from about $10 for a container, to about $50 for a container. Some of the less expensive products contain just enough drain cleaner to be used once or twice, while some more expensive drain cleaners contain enough for as many as 100 uses.

What We Reviewed

  • Drano Max Gel Clog Remover
  • THRIFT T-600 Alkaline Based 6 lb. Granular Drain Cleaner
  • Earth Friendly Products ECOS Earth Enzymes Drain Maintainer
  • Tooto 1030 1 Lb. Drain Cleaner with Lye
  • DrainScrub Powder Enzyme Drain Cleaner
  • Invade Bio Drain Gel
  • Liquid Clog Remover By Green Gobbler
  • Roebic K-570 32 Fl. Ounce Biodegradable Leach and Drain Field Opener
  • VALWORD Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner
  • ETERNA Air Drain Blaster

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

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How It Works

The Drano company has been making drain cleaning solutions for a long time, and many people automatically think of this brand when they’re looking for the best drain cleaner. The original solution was made from sulfuric acid, which could be hazardous if it came in contact with skin or if its fumes were inhaled.

The new solution is safer, although users should still avoid letting it come in contact with their skin or spending too much time around it. Its active ingredients are sodium Hypochlorite, which is a bleach often found in laundry products and mildew and mold sprays; sodium hydroxide, which is a caustic base also known as lye; sodium silicate, which helps to keep metal pipes from corroding; and a proprietary cleaning agent.

All of these ingredients work together to loosen clogged particles and dissolve grease. Reviewers noted that the gel formula sank through the tap water to get to the heart of the clog. It is best to leave the gel in the drain for about ten to fifteen minutes, before rinsing with hot tap water. For particularly tough clogs, reviewers recommended leaving the gel to sit in the drain for up to thirty minutes.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

THRIFT T-600 Alkaline Based 6 lb. Granular Drain Cleaner

[amazon box=”B00E1N09JO”]

How It Works

Sodium hydroxide is the main ingredient in this drain cleaner, which is made up of dry, odorless crystals. What makes this product different from most other drain cleaners is that you only have to leave it in your drain for about sixty seconds. You then rinse it down the drain with hot water.

This product gets high reviews as the best drain cleaner, with 95% of reviewers saying that it quickly and effectively cleared their drain. Because THRIFT T-500 does not contain acid, it is gentle on sinks and pipes, including porcelain, chrome trim, polished brass, and plastic or metal pipes.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

Earth Friendly Products ECOS Earth Enzymes Drain Maintainer

[amazon box=”B0010C72WG”]

How It Works

People who are worried about using harsh chemicals might want to opt for this one. It is made up of sodium sesquicarbonate, which is a mineral based water softener, and a blend of enzymes. The disadvantage of this product is that you will not see immediate results, as it takes some time for the enzymes to do their work. Enzyme-based cleaners work best if you use them for maintenance purposes.

The company recommends using this product once a week, to prevent clogs, rather than trying to deal with clogs later. Reviewers say that this product has a pleasant scent, rather than a chemical odor. Another benefit of this product is the fact that it is less expensive than many other enzyme-based drain cleaners.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

Tooto 1030 1 Lb. Drain Cleaner with Lye

[amazon box=”B000PSFPRK”]

How It Works

Like the name of this drain cleaner suggests, it is made up of 100% lye. This means it is one of the strongest and best drain cleaners for stubborn clogs. It is able to sink through stagnant water to get to the clog.

The lye then works to dissolve the grease and particles. Reviewers noted that It does not have a harsh odor. It is considered environmentally friendly, and safe even for septic tanks. Many consider this the best drain cleaner on the market. However, it is also a harsh chemical, and it is very important to pay attention to the safety precautions on the bottle.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

DrainScrub Powder Enzyme Drain Cleaner

[amazon box=”B07BLJ5H3W”]

How It Works

This is another enzyme-based drain cleaner, but it seems to work faster than some other enzyme-based cleaners. Reviewers said it starts to work within an hour. It also continues to work long afterwards to maintain your drain and prevent future clogs.

The two-pound container can last for up to one hundred drain treatments. While this product is the most expensive on the list, the fact that it can be used so many times makes it more economical for people who plan to use it regularly.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

Invade Bio Drain Gel

[amazon box=”B006ZB0N4G”]

How It Works

This product is a little different from most. It is a thick, syrupy formula made up of microbes and citrus oil. Its primary purpose is to prevent drain flies, but it does so by coating the sides of the drain and “eating” the organic material that is causing the clogs. It is best used once a week for preventative purposes.

While this might not be the best drain cleaner for stubborn and persistent clogs, it works to prevent future clogs and leaves the drain smelling like oranges. It can also be used to clean soda fountains because it dissolves the sticky residue left by soda syrups.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

Liquid Clog Remover By Green Gobbler

[amazon box=”B00IJFU440″]

How It Works

This one is another enzyme formula, with a thick consistency that clings to the insides of pipes in order to continue working for the longest amount of time. It also lowers the pH level in drains, which helps to remove the clogs more quickly. Reviewers stated that this was the best drain cleaner for partially clogged sinks, although it didn’t work as well on completely clogged pipes,

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

Roebic K-570 32 Fl. Ounce Biodegradable Leach and Drain Field Opener

[amazon box=”B006MQUU24″]

How It Works

This enzyme based drain cleaner is a concentrated formula that uses patented bacteria genetically engineered by the company. This is one of the best drain cleaners for people who have septic tanks.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

VALWORD Powerful Sink and Drain Cleaner

[amazon box=”B07Q4TBPW5″]

How It Works

This drain cleaner is made from a synthetic gel that is different from any of the other products we’ve described. The company says their proprietary formula is “a quantum leap in drain opener technology.” It is biodegradable and safe, but not enzyme based, It is best for partial clogs. Reviewers said that it did manage to eat through complete clogs, but it took some extra time to do so.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

ETERNA Air Drain Blaster

[amazon box=”B07PHZ219S”]

How It Works

This drain cleaner also uses a proprietary formula, which the company says does not use acids or lye. Instead, it releases odorless compressed gas into your pipes Reviewers said this drain cleaner worked within a matter of seconds. It is nontoxic, but should not be used in drains that have any residue of chemical drain openers in them. If you plan to use this drain opener, be sure to rinse your drain first for a long time if you’ve used any other products recently.

Where To Buy

This product is available on Amazon.

The Verdict

Drain cleaners work in different ways, and you may have to try a few different products before you find the best drain cleaner for your problem. Here are our recommendations to get you started.

If you have a very stubborn, long lasting clog you want gone quickly, we vote for THRIFT T-600. This industrial strength drain cleaner will get the job done quickly. Just remember to read the safety information on the bottle and take all necessary precautions. Drano Max Gel would be our second choice for the most stubborn of clogs.

Double basin kitchen sink

Image by Brett_Hondow via Pixabay

If you want to avoid harsh chemicals, or if you have a septic tank and have been told to avoid using certain products, you might want to opt for Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria. It is enzyme based, and reviewers say it works more quickly than other enzyme-based products. Remember that the best way to use enzyme-based products is as a preventative measure.

After your drain clog is cleaned, use Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria once a week, or once every two weeks. It will keep clogs from building up in the first place. If nothing is working and you want to try something new, we’d recommend XIONLAB Safer Drain Opener.

The compressed gas method is different from anything else we’ve learned about while reviewing products for this article, and reviewers say it works well. We hope you find the best drain cleaner for your kitchen clog. Once again, remember to follow all safety precautions on bottles, and keep drain cleaners and other household cleaning products out of reach of children and pets.

Featured image by via Pexels.

By Justin Curtis

I am not a professional plumber, but I do feel like I am pretty handy :). I would love to hear your comments about this post or others. Thanks for reading!

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