American Standard 1250 Waste Disposer Review


  • Runs quietly, but is still powerful
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Quality construction with stainless steel components
  • Easily takes care of food waste with a high torque motor
  • Magnetic ring for saving utensils


  • May not fit in every kitchen
  • Installation may require additional plumbers putty

American Standard 1250 Waste Disposer

The American Standard waste disposer is a quality, no-frills appliance designed to work hard and last for many years. It’s a great high torque choice for demanding kitchens.

American Standard was founded in 2007 and currently has their headquarters in Piscataway, New Jersey. The company is made up of three divisions that produce bathroom fixtures, faucets, and chinaware.

American Standard is known for being affordable and making products that give consumers a good value for the price. They are not considered high end, but customers seem very satisfied with many of their products that are frequently used in the home.

What Makes American Standard Garbage Disposals Unique?

American Standard may have many competitors when it comes to the garbage disposal industry, but they are frequently considered to be the most familiar brand in the US. This may be because their products are so well distributed and sold both in big box style stores, small businesses, and online.

By making their product more widely available and making changes to the design based on customer feedback, American Standard has created a line of reasonably priced products that offer great value to their customers.

The high torque motor alone is enough to justify the cost of the American Standard waste disposer. It is more difficult to find comparable units with this much horsepower, and when available they tend to cost more without significantly better sound insulation or vibration protection.

You can check the American Standard 1250 waste disposer price by clicking on the hyperlink. It has a good value as the unit should provide many serviceable years and includes all of the features common in other models.

Installation Ease

American Standard has clearly thought through the process of installation for this product, and a plug is included to make the installation process easy once the unit is in place. If there is already a mount available, the American Standard 1250 waste disposer is likely to fit into that mount and installing a replacement mount will not be needed.

Most customers are able to install this unit themselves, and most report being able to use the existing mount that is in place. It is reported to take under an hour to uninstall the previous unit and install this one which is pretty efficient.


The American Standard waste disposer has a design that is very typical of many garbage disposals currently in production. It is not as sleek and small as other models, but it is not extra bulky either.

In fact, much of the bulk comes from the housing for the extra powerful motor, and the sound insulation that helps this unit run so quiet despite being so robust. This unit may not be the right size for every size kitchen, but the stainless-steel parts used help to extend its life.

Power: Materials It Can Handle

While there is a long list of things that are not recommended for putting down a garbage disposal, many of these recommendations are based on units with significantly less power that are not able to perform as well as more powerful models.

Customers report being able to feed the American Standard 1250 waste disposer all matter of non-fibrous fruit and vegetable matter which it happily and quietly grinds up. Any liquid or soft foods are appropriate, but fibrous items such as Kale, fruit pits, and potato peelings should be avoided.

Fats and oils are other things to avoid putting down the garbage disposal as they are likely to congeal and cause issues with plumbing. However, customers have had success with meat scraps, chopped vegetable scraps, and random leftovers from plated meals.


My Conclusion

The American Standard 1250 waste disposer shares many features that are common with other brands such as the magnetic ring, stainless steel components, and sound insulation. However, the 1.25 horsepower motor is somewhat unique, particularly at this price point. Therefore, the American Standard 1250 holds up well to other garbage disposers like the InSinkErator.

Other models with motors that large and powerful are typically sold for slightly more than the American Standard 1250 waste disposer. Their designs may be different and make competitor units sleeker, but this may be unnecessary for many garbage disposal replacements where space is not an issue.

American Standard has a solid reputation for having good products and the American Standard 1250 waste disposer is no exception. With the larger and more powerful motor that is also very quiet, it’s an easy choice for many kitchens.

It may not be great for kitchens were space is a concern, but otherwise, this unit is likely to last many years and perform exceptionally well. You can purchase the American Standard 1250 waste disposer online at sites like Costco or Amazon, and in stores such as Costco, and other big box style retailers.

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