Salvajor 200 Review: A Buyers’ Guide

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Information on Salvajor

Established in the 1940s, Kansas City-based Salvajor has long been a trusted name when it comes to commercial waste disposal systems. Over the years, Salvajor has taken a vested interest in the environment and has actively worked toward making its products sustainable and economical.

Many of the disposal systems released by Salvajor focus on conserving important resources like water and electricity while simultaneously delivering powerful results in regard to shredded food matter. With a wide range of products designed for the food industry, Salvajor remains on the cutting edge when it comes to quality products and continued customer support.

The professionals who have helped to continue the legacy of the Salvajor name over the years have done so in exceptional ways. The company has shown endless dedication to consumers since first emerging on the scene, a tradition continued to this day and showcased by the many long-standing relationships Salvajor has with countless clients.

Even though the products the company releases are constructed from durable and treated materials, warranties and servicing options are made available to provide extra comfort to customers. Accidents can happen and models can have faults, so offering these warranties adds serious credibility to the brand.

Since restaurants and other eating establishments often deal with a high volume of food and other substances that need to be disposed of, excellent commercial disposals are a practical investment.

By taking advantage of the clever and well-designed products by this brand, you are putting your business in competent hands. Whether you run a bustling eatery or a small coffeehouse, the power and simplicity of Salvajor models help to fit a wide range of commercial establishments.

What Is Salvajor 200 and How Does It Work?

The [amazon link=”B01EVKTGY0″ title=”Salvajor 200″] is a powerful commercial garbage disposal specifically designed to handle the heavy loads and constant demands of the restaurant industry. The staff of an active kitchen in an eating establishment needs to be able to trust in the garbage disposal to keep operations flowing and keep sinks free of food matter. Salvajor takes all of this into account with this model, and it has resulted in the creation of a commercial disposal that is incredibly powerful, quiet, and eco-friendly.

The Salvajor 200 is comprised of an incredibly durable aluminum alloy that has gone through several key treatment processes in order to enhance its overall resistance to damage. Since Salvajor is a company dedicated to designing products that are friendly to the environment, this garbage disposal offers some very helpful benefits.

For one, the water-cooled motor is able to conserve how much water is being used without allowing the unit to get too hot. On top of this, the disposal’s wiring draws upon electricity in a way that allows for maximum performance without using too much power in the process.

The blades inside the disposal have a 9” diameter and are built out of a strong carbide alloy that can shred anything found on the menu at your restaurant. The model itself includes an adapter kit that will allow for an easier installation, helping you to swap out any kind of previous disposal and get your Salvajor 200 in place without frustration. Salvajor includes a warranty of a year with its products, and additional servicing options are available through the company.

What Makes Salvajor 200 Unique

Salvajor is one of a number of commercial disposals on the market, and it can often be hard to discern one from another when you’re pressed to make a decision. Of course, there are incredible differences between the Salvajor 200 and models from competitors. Interestingly, this unit comes in ahead in almost all categories. Though the price can be higher, there are a number of features this disposal boasts that cannot be matched by similar options.

One of the more unique features of the Salvajor 200 when compared to similar models by competing brands is the overall power of the disposal. While a vast number of disposals operate at about 1.5 horsepower (HP), this model is able to push it to 2 HP. This is an impressive feature considering the Salvajor 200 is designed to conserve energy. While it might not be sapping energy when it is not being utilized, this disposal can definitely shred the competition in regard to overall force when it is being used.

Salvajor has long been committed to maintaining relationships with clients, offering servicing contracts and warranties to help keep its products reliable and its name synonymous with greatness. While the company’s models always run a bit more on the expensive side, buying is an investment.

A disposal can easily become broken, faulty, or worn simply by operating and coming in contact with rough or dense objects. Salvajor takes this into account, with the metallic cover of the Salvajor 200 acting as a protective barrier for the carbide alloy blades within.

Additionally, the thick rubber on the disposal provides a way to dampen vibrations of the internal parts while in motion and also aids in keeping noise to a minimum. 


Looking at prices on Amazon, Salvajor 200 will set you back [amazon fields=”B01EVKTGY0″ value=”price”]. It does come with free shipping so prices shouldn’t go any higher than that. While its asking price is higher than other brands, Salvajor 200 will give back its worth and more!

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How It Compares

Salvajor is dedicated to creating products that are effective without being destructive to the environment or that waste precious resources along the way. With the Salvajor 200, this is apparent in the design of the motor. In order to keep the motor cool, water is brought into the device to regulate the temperature and prevent any damage caused by overheating. Water motors are more efficient to begin with, but they also can easily waste water.

Beauty In The Design

The beauty of the Salvajor 200 and other models by this brand is that the design does not allow more water than needed to be used. This keeps the motor operating at an increased capacity without the user having to worry about a sudden spike in the water bill. Electricity bills will also benefit from swapping your current model of disposal out for this one. The unit does not draw too much power, but the 2-horsepower motor is intense and can cut through everything from animal bone to thick vegetable matter and stringy pastas.In terms of composition, this unit comes in a little bit ahead. While the aluminum alloy of the cover is an excellent line of protection against damage, it is not unique in its field. Many other companies rely on similar metals to provide durable covers. Still, the alloy is strong and does provide added security. If you are trying to decide between the Salvajor 200 and a model that relies on a plastic exterior, then you are definitely going to want to opt for the aluminum option. Metal beats other materials when it comes to ultimate disposal protection.

Easy Installation

Installation is also incredibly straightforward with the Salvajor 200 when compared to other options. Salvajor takes installation into account with each of its disposals. Since other models have different specs and sizes, Salvajor includes a kit that aids in installing the new disposal no matter what previous model you had. You won’t have to worry about the disposal not sitting properly, as all of the information and items you require for adjustment will be included within the kit.Though there are many excellent features that set it apart from other options, there are also some small drawbacks to opting for this model. The largest disadvantage that comes with the Salvajor 200 is the cost. Many consumers find the larger price tag to be problematic. Restaurants often have very strict budgets and are not able to find the funds to purchase costly options. This model might cost more at first, but it pays off in the fact that you are not likely to encounter serious problems or require replacement for several years.

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What We Think

Taking your time to think about a product before purchasing is a sign of a smart shopper. Still, you need to know a good thing when you see it. With so many different commercial disposals on the market, knowing the benefits of the Salvajor 200 can help to sway your ultimate decision. Restaurants require heavy-duty equipment that will not fail the team when the pressure is on and restaurant patrons are getting hungry.

Based on the fact that the company is a trustworthy name in commercial disposal equipment, you are getting behind a sensible choice when you opt for this model. The Salvajor 200 offers the most power when compared to other options in its class while also conserving the amount of electricity and water used in order to avoid waste. The components are durable and intelligent, helping to keep the device as quiet as possible in the already loud environment of the kitchen.

The only aspect of this decision you might need to think over is the price. Sure, it might seem like more than you would like to spend on your disposal, but it is definitely a great investment either way. Though other options might be cheaper, only the [amazon link=”B01EVKTGY0″ title=”Salvajor 200″] offers the chance for your establishment to feature a disposal that runs quietly and efficiently.

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By Justin Curtis

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