Review: Mountain Plumbing Waste Disposers

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Mounting Plumbing Perfect Grind Waste Disposers


  • checkSound insulation ensures whisper-quiet operation
  • checkAntimicrobial coating prevents odors
  • checkNo branding printed on flange
  • checkSafe “air switch” operation
  • checkLifetime warranty on several models


  • Pricier than several other well-known brands

Bottom Line

Mountain Plumbing’s focus on both form and function shines, even in their garbage disposal offerings. Their units provide a high-end feel for the discerning home owner. Meant to withstand years upon years of use, their models are packed with power and safety, making the act of using the disposal a pleasant experience.

A Product Backed by Years of Plumbing Experience

The Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer is manufactured by Mountain Plumbing Products. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has been in the business of crafting high-performance water appliances since their founding in 1997. In fact, they happen to be the leading manufacturer of units ranging from garbage disposals, which this Mountain Plumbing Waste Disposer review focuses on, as well as water filters, instant hot water tanks, water chillers, shower heads, faucets and other plumbing accessories. The brand’s motto is “made better by design,” which reflects in their selection of products meant to both serve their purpose and add beauty and value to the home.

What really seems to set Mountain Plumbing apart from their competitors is their interest in and passion for educating their consumers. Not simply content to sell a product and be done with it, the company wants their customer to understand how their unit functions. They welcome feedback to ensure they are able to stay on the cutting edge of a continuously evolving industry. This is no doubt what allows them to retain their role as leaders within the world of plumbing.

Rating the Perfect Grind® Disposal: 4.5 out of 5

Upon careful consideration, we determined that Mountain Plumbing’s garbage disposal units are deserving of a 4.5 rating for several reasons. While, like several of the brand’s competitors, their disposals certainly do the job of grinding up and disposing of food and scraps, the company has manufactured products that go above and beyond.

Added safety and a streamlined look from an “air switch” operation is not commonly a standard option on many other units, but it is on this one. Those who place a high value on design details will appreciate the unbranded flange and the absence of a company name prominently displayed within their sink. Purchasing the models from established product representatives, rather than from big-box retailers, provides a personal touch to shopping for a new disposal.

Mountain Plumbing Perfect Grind® Waste Disposers: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Understanding your options and your needs is key to making a decision on any home appliance. Review our details on Perfect Grind® disposal units to determine if this is the perfect one for you.


The Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer is offered in five different sizes:

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer - Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1-1/4 HP

[amazon link=”B074XFTKTS” title=”1¼ HP”]

[amazon fields=”B074XFTKTS” value=”button”]

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer - Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 3/4 HP

[amazon link=”B074XC2TZ2″ title=”3/4 HP”]

[amazon fields=”B074XC2TZ2″ value=”button”]

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer - Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 5/8 HP

[amazon link=”B074XJJZLL” title=”5/8 HP”]

[amazon fields=”B074XJJZLL” value=”button”]

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer - Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1/2 HP

[amazon link=”B074XF1QPC” title=”1/2 HP”]

[amazon fields=”B074XF1QPC” value=”button”]

Perfect Grind® Waste Disposer - Continuous Feed 3-Bolt Mount 1/3 HP

[amazon link=”B074X2V9C8″ title=”1/3 HP”]

[amazon fields=”B074X2V9C8″ value=”button”]

When choosing the right model to meet the needs of your household, take into account the space available for the unit and the number of people who live in your home. The higher the horsepower, the larger the appliance. Smallest disposals of 1/2 or 1/3 HP are best suited for households of one or two, while a five to eight person family would likely benefit from the 1 ¼ or 3/4 HP model.

There’s no need to worry about foul odors thanks to the Perfect Grind’s® antimicrobial technology. The unit’s full sound insulation allows you to enjoy the quietest operation. The disposal’s high torque, produced through permanent magnet high RPM, equals fewer frustrating jams.


As mentioned earlier, Mountain Plumbing garbage disposals can come with a larger price tag than other name brands commonly found online or at your big box home improvement store. The manufacturer’s listed pricing ranges between $230 and $450 depending on the size of the model. We’ll delve further into pricing for the individual model, but you should understand these prices could fluctuate depending on where you purchase your Perfect Grind® waste disposer and any current promotions being offered through your retailer.


Installation of the Perfect Grind® is a cinch with Mountain Plumbing’s e-z connect mounting system, which requires no tools. Of course, even if the simplest of DIY installation isn’t your thing, the beauty of working with an authorized retailer is the personalized service you can expect and the option of professional installation for a reasonable fee.


If a smooth and clean finish is paramount in your space, then Mountain Plumbing’s waste disposer has you covered. There is no name branding stamped into the rim of its flange, which means you don’t have to advertise the manufacturer of your chosen product to everyone who uses your sink. It seamlessly blends in with your kitchen’s style.


No matter if you’re shopping for a replacement for a broken disposal, are wanting an impressive upgrade or are totally new to the appliance, you are likely looking for a unit that provides similar benefits. Any garbage disposal that does its job will reduce your household’s waste, provide easier clean-up in the kitchen and reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

A great, high-quality disposal is high torque, which means it has plenty of power to prevent jamming. That’s exactly what the Perfect Grind® promises. The waste disposer’s power is provided by a permanent magnet high RPM. With a continuous feed system, the appliance is turned on before you begin “feeding” it. Food and scraps are then inserted as the unit runs. Homeowners with an installed Mountain Plumbing disposal rave about its efficiency, astounding quietness and ability to handle tricky items such as potato peels.

What Makes the Mountain Waste Disposers Unique?

Boasting features that aren’t standard with many other models from competing brands, Mountain Plumbing disposals have an edge, towering above more standard units offered elsewhere.


These garbage disposals are crafted of durable and high-quality materials meant to withstand years of use. The grind ring, balanced turntable and armature shaft are all manufactured of strong stainless steel, while the impellers are cast stainless steel.

Ease of Installation

The ability to install each unit with ease and without tools is a huge draw for Mountain Plumbing’s Perfect Grind® appliance. The e-z connect mounting system allows for even the installation-averse to successfully connect the disposal within their kitchen. This can be a money-saver for some, cutting out the need to pay for installation fees.

Price Range

While you can possibly find great deals on new garbage disposals at a home improvement warehouse or online, cheap doesn’t always equate to quality and performance. You can expect that an appliance like this waste disposer, which outputs nearly two times more power than many competitors, comes with a larger price tag. The question is if paying a higher cost for the Perfect Grind® is worth the expense. The manufacturer’s listed price ranges from  [amazon fields=”B074X2V9C8″ value=”price”] to [amazon fields=”B074XC2TZ2″ value=”price”], with the current specific model pricing listed below:

  • [amazon link=”B074X2V9C8″ title=”Perfect Grind® 1/3 HP”]
  • [amazon link=”B074XF1QPC” title=”Perfect Grind® 1/2 HP”]
  • [amazon link=”B074XJJZLL” title=”Perfect Grind® 5/8 HP”]
  • [amazon link=”B074XC2TZ2″ title=”Perfect Grind® 3/4 HP”]
  • [amazon link=”B074XFTKTS” title=”Perfect Grind® 1 ¼ HP”]

Check with your nearest authorized retailer of Mountain Plumbing products for any current discounts or special pricing that could bring the cost of your new garbage disposal lower than these listed prices.

The 1/2 HP and 1/3 HP models are protected with a three-year limited warranty, while the 5/8, 3/4 and 1 ¼ models enjoy a lifetime limited warranty. When the strength and power of these disposals are paired with these kinds of warranties, it’s clear that they are built to last. Also, buying through an authorized retailer oftentimes equals a higher level of service and personalized attention. If having a high-powered, sleek, top-of-the-line appliance and a high level of quality service are things that you find of value, then you may realize the price tag of a Mountain Plumbing unit is worthwhile.

What Materials Can the Disposal Handle?

The Perfect Grind® can certainly handle any of your normal kitchen clean-up and food waste disposal needs, no question. While the company doesn’t promote throwing anything and everything down the drain to test the appliance, it is easy to find online video evidence of owners proving that their Mountain Plumbing disposals could mince aluminum cans and pulverize pennies. We strongly advise not to try that at home, but it does speak to the unit’s incredible capabilities.

The Comparison

There are some benefits that this garbage disposal provides that aren’t standard on many competitor models. It comes with an upgraded stainless steel turntable and grind rings, while many models from competing brands are provided with cold-rolled or galvanized steel accessories.

Most garbage disposals are set up to be operated through an electrical outlet switch. The Perfect Grind® is a step above in this arena due to their “air switch” operation. This not only makes operation safer, but it also provides a nicer polished look for your kitchen.

What We Think

The models’ exceptional features, including full sound insulation, antimicrobial coating, unique “air switch” operation and the unbranded look of the appliance, make this a great choice for those who expect the best of the best. Those searching for the cream of the crop may not see the expense as a deterrent to purchasing, but homeowners just looking for a disposal that gets the job done may balk at the price tag. For those consumers, checking out lower-priced options from Waste King or InSinkErator would be worth the time. These brands are easy to come by, do what they’re meant to and still come highly rated by consumers who have purchased them.

While you could purchase a Mountain Plumbing appliance from discount sites online, visiting their website here and searching for your nearest authorized retailer is your best bet. This guarantees that your unit will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and you’ll have access to any current special pricing.

The bottom line is that Mountain Plumbing’s offerings of waste disposal appliances are definitely considered to be the crème de la crème. These units are geared towards those who expect the highest power and performance in their kitchen space, and who also want a disposal with a discreet and quality appearance that blends seamlessly with the artfully curated look of the room.

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