1. This is very helpful. Until recently, I didn’t know that garbage disposals could overheat. I thought mine had died and was looking at new units. Luckily, I went poking around beneath the sink and found a red button. I pressed it and the disposal was back up and running.

  2. Thank you for mentioning that it could be an electrical issue. I have been wondering what it could possibly be that is wrong with our disposal. I will be trying this and seeing if it works later today.

  3. When my daughter was doing the dishes last night, she couldn’t get the garbage disposal to work. It really helped when you said that jams and clogs are the most common reason it might not be working and that it can still make a noise if that is the case. It sounds like this might be the problem with ours, so I’ll try to find a plumbing contractor to be safe.

  4. Great ideas to fix a garbage disposal. Last week my kitchen garbage was making noise it was like humming sounds i was curious how to fix it asap! Then i got the right solutions from the mrgarbagedisposal.com it the best place i ever found.I would like to say personally thanks to the admin!!

  5. disposal is spinning but doesn’t sound like it is grinding, standing water in the sink and the disposal is simply spinning creating a whirlpool but not draining. looks like a clog but where, the other side of the sink is draining fine and as does the dish washer. if a clog how do I get it unclogged….or is it more seri0us than that

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